Ing.arch. Petr Odvárka


On my way to architecture, I first met with “the invisible”. My projects included for instance The Light and Movement, Identity or The Architecture as the Musical Instrument. It was short, but intense period. And a crucial one.

Then I explored the world for a long time, listening to its needs and secret desires. I created “the magic of the moment” – temporary installations full of emotions and experiences, as well as various sophisticated product presentations. During eight years of experience in exhibitions and trade fairs, I was the chief architect of international expositions for major brands in automotive industry. In addition, I breathed new life into buildings and their interiors, stood at the inception of new restaurants and cafes, shops, showrooms, offices and apartments…

In 2006 I founded ARCHEUS DESIGN studio.

Each project on which we work is different and has its own unique story. In the beginning, there is the client and his vision – sometimes only described in the general terms of dreams and desires, sometimes already taking the form of very specific ideas and intentions. As an architect, I get the opportunity to live these visions with the client and, because design is so very personal, may only then fully grasp his true wishes.

All projects – no matter how large or small, simple or complex – present design challenges and opportunities. At ARCHEUS DESIGN, we will help you focus on the core issues and bring the best solutions for your particular needs. In all aspects of your project – from the broadest picture to the smallest detail. Always perceptively and creatively, yet practical and constructive.